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Economic Scenario
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Commitment to Sustainable Development

Committed to the sustainable development model (Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs), Perini Business Park offers the community a harmonious environment between nature and progress. Preservation of existing green areas, recovery of areas with new seedlings and environmental legislation are part of the enterprise’s culture.


Of the 2.8 million m² of total area, approximately 600,000 are made up of Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) and remnant vegetation where plants and small animals native to the region can ensure their safe livelihood. This differential offered by Perini Business Park is essential in the quest for sustainability by productive organizations.


Commitment to Sustainable Development

After extensive study and planning, the NEA – Environmental Education Center Fabio Perini brings the proposal to disseminate knowledge about the environment, promoting Atlantic Forest fauna and flora research and providing greater contact between people and nature.

Explore the ecological trails

Perini Business Park opens its doors to receive visitors on the interpretive trails specially designed for environmental education, in a total of 980 meters. Two hiking trail choices are offered – Gato-do-Mato Trail (with 340m) and Bacupari Trail (with 920m) – in the midst of a total area of ​​over 34 thousand square meters of native forest that includes multiple variations of tree and animal species. Coordinated by the Condominium Administration, visitation to trails is limited and accompanied by a trained guide.

Selective Collection

Part of the entire enterprise’s structure, committed to sustainability, is the word recycling. Recycling is more than finding the right destination for the waste. It’s to think of the environment, the planet’s future and using technology to obtain resources that don’t harm the planet. It’s important to always remember the maxim of the father of modern chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier: “in nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. The Selective Collection Program serves all companies and allows the reuse of waste to be done throughout the condominium. Besides contributing to the decrease in the depletion of natural resources, the socioeconomic role performed by those who recycle is very important. New products, jobs and family income are created by those who recycle. We need to change. We must create other habits. We must reuse.


A safe destination for investments

One of the characteristics of globalization is that no country behaves as a capable, unreachable island given the intensity variations of global economic winds. The largest nation in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil, however, is emerging as a country that, thanks to good economic and financial fundamentals that it instituted and solidified in recent decades, has built a ballast capable of maintaining reliable stability even in challenging times.

These assets include the establishment of an internal consumer market of great importance, especially strengthened in the last decade, which is capable of absorbing a growing share of the Brazilian domestic production. Another asset is the modernization of the sectors involved in the production of agricultural and mineral commodities, which made ​​the country an unsurpassed global player. In terms of government guidelines, the Brazilian monetary authorities adopted a conservative stance, preserving unharmed the economic fundamentals, which make the country one of the most reliable worldwide destinations for investments.


State of entrepreneurs

Santa Catarina brings together the best socioeconomic indices among Brazilian states. With an extremely diverse and modern industrial park, the state is one of the country’s largest exporters. One of the reasons for the economic and industrial consolidation is the occupation profile that dates back to the immigration years. Santa Catarina received several waves of Europeans, especially, Portuguese, Germans and Italians, who were responsible for the development of family enterprises employing various expertises. Over time, these businesses have evolved into companies that grew maintaining the tradition of employing innovative and bold technologies, both in an urban and rural environment.

Another economic development particularity in Santa Catarina is the strong entrepreneurship among its economically active population. Surveys indicate that 60% of Santa Catarina’s people who are in the labor market are employed in micro and small enterprises. More than half of wage income is generated in small and medium-sized businesses.


This entrepreneurial reach allows the state to be less permeable to sectoral crises. This peculiarity is one of those responsible for placing Santa Catarina’s economy as the fourth highest among all Brazilian states, although being placed 11th nationally on the number of inhabitants.

The state’s infrastructure is among the best in the country. Its ports, roadways, railways and airports are among the best in Brazil and in constant improvement and expansion. Electric power reaches nearly 100% of rural properties and telephone services also attend almost the entire state territory. The state is self-sufficient in electricity, has coal reserves and is supplied by a national natural gas network.

Among the urban population, 94.3% have access to clean water and a network of 215 hospitals and approximately 3,800 healthcare units is sufficient to provide a wide coverage to the population. The survey on the Human Development Index conducted in 2003 showed the metropolitan regions of Florianópolis, Joinville and Blumenau achieved the highest score among 30 other Brazilian cities. In this survey, the item of greatest weight was education, which in these three regions reached 0.934, 0.933 and 0.939, respectively.


Quality workforce 

Joinville’s economy is based on industry, especially metallurgy and plastics. It’s southern Brazil’s third largest industrial center and responsible for approximately 14% of the Gross Domestic Product of Santa Catarina. Groups operating in the metal-mechanical, chemical, plastics, textiles and software development sectors, characterize the city’s industrial profile. In a radius of 130 km, there are five harbors and three airports, two of them international.

The city has by tradition the ability to form a quality technical workforce and in many cases trained by experts from companies such as Tigre, Wetzel, Whirlpool, Embraco and Tupy, among others. It is considered the best training ground throughout the country for technicians in the mechanical and metallurgical sectors. In the city, a large part of the nearly 3,500 industries that make up the electro-metal mechanic hub are responsible for 22% of the State’s international transactions. The presence of a large number of software development companies also has relevance in the city’s economic base.

Social Scenario

Perini Business Park is very concerned about the welfare of people who pass through here. And this concern in wanting to make people feel good stands out among tier suppliers, employees of tier suppliers, visitors and community. Below, we list a few items that demonstrate Perini Business Park’s involvement in their lives:

Continued Education

Perini Business Park develops free for employees of companies located in the condominium, in partnership with SESI, courses that promote education.

One of the programs called Youth and Adult Education (EJA) gives workers who have not yet finished their studies the opportunity to complete Primary and Secondary Education. For classes to be opened, a minimum demand is needed. In addition to this course, there are also various free courses offered in Relationships, Languages ​​and Computing area.

Giornata Newsletter

Perini Business Park’s Internal Newsletter is distributed monthly to companies. The Giornata brings to people, information about the most relevant events that involve the enterprise as a whole.

Internal Groups

Perini Business Park has some internal groups to discuss issues related to various areas. They include:

FIP – Perini Ideas Forum: Council formed by systemists, to deliberate on the enterprise’s needs, having as its main objective the common good of the people and companies present in Perini Business Park.

CONDEM – Emergency Director Council: Its function is to create and maintain a trained staff to act in emergency preventions and actions within Perini Business Park. About twenty-five new firefighters are qualified each year, and currently, the Internal Brigade is comprised of approximately 140 volunteers.

INTEGRA:  At each meeting, random subjects are addressed, however specific that reach various company areas, such as the HR, Fiscal, Accounting and Purchasing departments, among many others. The subjects covered are relevant to each area, with the participation of renowned speakers, who bring for everyone’s knowledge all the latest news and views concerning the issues, as well as the consequences they bring to businesses and their employees.

North Shared Management: regional arm of ACIJ – which brings together, every two weeks, North Industrial District company representatives to exchange experiences and discuss relevant issues.

Sporting Events

During the year, various sporting events are promoted among the park’s companies, such as:

Perini Cup: Soccer Tournament held once a year, lasting about two months which brings together dozens of sports teams.

Fishing Tournament: Event that occurs annually and brings together around 30 teams and approximately 150 people.

Other Activities: There are some partners that throughout the year, together with Perini Business Park Condominium Administration, develop other sporting activities such as the traditional Worker Marathon in partnership with SESI, which takes place every May 1st and brings together a very expressive number of participants, as well as other activities at different times like Cycling, Adventure Racing and others.



Community Support

Always thinking about people’s welfare and wanting to contribute to the future of new generations, Perini Business Park engages with the community on an ongoing basis, especially in developing and assisting projects in surrounding schools. In 2013 the beneficiary schools were: Adolpho Barstch in Pirabeiraba – where Perini Business Park completed the rainwater capture project, automating it, generating for the school savings of approximately 20% in water consumption. The other school benefited was Rodrigo Lobo, in the Jardim Sofia district – the school had received some air conditioners, however they were not installed because the electrical infrastructure was not adequate. In this school, Perini Business Park donated all electrical wiring, its installation as well as installed the air conditioners.

Industrial and Environmental Tourism

Industrial: The Industrial Tourism Program attends during the year numerous Universities, Entrepreneur Groups, Rotaries and other organized groups. On this visit people have the opportunity to know the enterprise as a whole and see the industrial park of a company installed here. All visits must be scheduled.

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Environmental: Perini Business Park Condominium receives visitors and presents to them issues related to Perini Condominium environmental management, such as interpretive trails of the Environmental Education Center Fabio Perini (NEA), the nursery of native plants, the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), the Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) and its recovery method. Environmental tourism occurs during business hours, throughout the year and must be scheduled in advance.

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Continuous Improvement

Perini Business Park has been continuously investing in improvements, always thinking of the welfare of people who spend most of their time inside the park, such as building sidewalks, installing cameras, bus stops, recreation areas, and others.

Perini Social Journey

With the initiative of the Martinelli Institute and thinking about the quality of life of people who work together here, Perini Journey came with the purpose of developing prevention and promotion activities in the areas of education and health. The event takes place during an entire week, and to better attend the people, the event time is between 12:00 and 14:00.

Happy Hour Executivo

Event in which the Leaders of each company present in Perini Business Park take advantage to exchange ideas and expand relationships.


Integration Program

To welcome new employees of Perini Business Park’s tier suppliers, the Integration Program was instituted, which occurs every second Tuesday of each month. At this meeting, general knowledge information about the enterprise is passed on to people as well as how they can benefit from the services that are found within the park.

Services Network

One of Perini Business Park’s key differentials is the variety of service providers that exist in one place. Currently, there are more than 40 Service Providers working in 12 different segments.

In addition to bringing new companies and businesses into the enterprise, the commercial area is very concerned about bringing service providers that attend to not only the needs of the companies located here, but also of the employees who are part of these companies.

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The visitation program is open to all interested community, especially students.